Laser-Accurate microphone proves once and for all that everything is better with lasers

The press release on this one is full of superlatives, but somehow most of them seem justified. Schwartz Engineering & Design just announced its Laser-Accurate microphone technology, which promises to provide "pure sound" from a microphone for the "first time ever." It works by detecting the impact of sound on the motion of particles in a stream of air by running a laser across them, and was created by David Schwartz, who holds several digital audio patents, including one that is foundational to the MP3 format (which is, ironically, not a traditional friend to the audiophile). The idea is to avoid the inherent "coloring" of sound due to a regular microphone's physical diaphragm, since the moving particles are virtually weightless. Of course, it seems that a Laser-Accurate mic would have plenty of variables of its own to deal with in regards to the stream of air, but we suppose we'll find out just how tight Schwartz has this thing when it's shown off for the first time in NY next month. PR is after the break.

by Paul Miller


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