5 reasons to use solar energy

With global warming causing the "Green house" affect many of us turning to alternatives sources for energy. Since we can not keep using up our natural resources because it is endangering our future. Solar energy is abundant alternatives source of energy that we can use.

The 5 reasons why need to use solar Energy

1. People all over the United states have been experiencing power cuts. The experts are saying that this is just the beginning.

2.In the next 40 years our population is expected to reach over 10 billion... with our energy sources depleting as rapidly as they are we are not going to make it.But if we make use of solar energy we can last longer.

3.Solar energy is a clean abundant source of energy. Solar panels and installation kits are becoming more and more needful.

4. It cost less to use solar energy to run electronics in our homes in the long run because there is on going cost!

5.Believe it or not but just a fraction of the solar radiation that shine upon the earth can replace our other sources of energy. We just have to use it. Solar energy is free and abundant. So there is no reason not to use it.

by Mckail


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