Cyrene Quiamco's Aeolus mobile phone breaks wind

Breaks wind barrier in phone technology. Damn you short headlines designed for ADD Internets.
Once upon a time there was a forum for product design. And on this forum, a graphic designer by the name of Cyrene Quiamco, say it soft and it's almost like praying, gave the tree loving, eco hounds of this world a sprig of hope.

Cyrene's Aeolus mobile phone harnesses the power of the wind so that you don't have to jack yourself buying a ridiculously expensive car adapter that ends up breaking the third time you try and wiggle it into place. Or, desperately clinging to those Samsung sponsored charging stations at airports which are built like French street urinals for gadgets.

Anyhow, back to Cyrene. The concept is delish, as you might say if you had any sense of style or design, but it is just a concept. No doubt, she will go on to greater things, perhaps eventually burning out somewhere in Cupertino.

The phone would have a back-up plan if the wind doesn't cooperate, solar power, and it would be made of renewable materials. Check out Cyrene's resume Jobs. All you need now is an iPad shaped like a sail and wheelies with each user install. Man, you'd rock it!

By Emory Kale


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